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Native instruments una corda download

Native instruments una corda

UNA CORDA captures the special sound signature of a custom-made contemporary piano with one string per key. Created by David Klavins in collaboration. In Italian, 'una corda' means 'one string'. Classically trained pianists also know the phrase as the name of a grand piano's 'soft' pedal, which shifts the hammers. Native Instruments Una Corda. The design of the source piano also enabled panels of various fabrics to be inserted between the hammers and strings.

The Klavins Una Corda, originally created for Nils Frahm, is an exquisite piano which uses one string per key ('una corda' is Italian for 'one. Thus, it was the inspiration for the name of the new Native Instruments virtual piano, Una Corda, which hosts samples of a unique acoustic. And so the Una Corda came to life as a key, portable instrument that Frahm used on tour. In Native Instruments commissioned their.