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Kantan mapper download

Kantan mapper

簡単 (kantan) - japanese for easy, simple - is a projection mapping and masking toolkit for TouchDesigner. The user defines 2D polygons and bezier outlines in  Getting Started - Start Setup - Add Masks. 5 days ago 簡単 (kantan) - japanese for easy, simple - Kantan Mapper 2 is a new projection mapping and masking toolkit for TouchDesigner. The user  Getting Started - General Usage - User Interface. I have been following the excellent tutorials on Kantan Mapper, but seem to be doing something wrong. I can add a texture to a quad, but I don't.

29 Jun - 3 min - Uploaded by danetoney Using Touch Designer and Kantan Mapper to projection map kitchen. Music: Beyonce, Taylor. 23 Aug - 1 min - Uploaded by Digital Introspect This is a short demo of using CamSchapper and Kantan Mapper in conjunction for a 3D. 20 Jun - 2 min - Uploaded by nannz My personal learning experience in touchDesigner and projection mapping. This video is about.

10 Dec - 1 min Projection Mapping with Touch Designer using Kantan Mapper. 3D modeling by Oya Kosebay. 24 Mar - 4 min mottoKantan is a redevelopment of the original Kantan Mapper in TouchDesigner Using CamSchnappr and Kantan Mapper within Touchdesigner in order 3D map this physical geometry with realtime and prerendered animations. Markus Heckmann of Derivative spoke at SCREENS yesterday, focusing on projection mapping flavoured projects and the Kantan Mapper.