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Moog little phatty patches download

Moog little phatty patches

In honor of the discontinuation of the Slim Phatty Analog Synthesizer, we have collaborated with select Moog Artists to craft a series of preset. "We loved creating these presets for Moog. We've always been huge fans of Moog and their products, and the Slim Phatty is one we love to play with. Hopefully. As a thank you to all Slim Phatty owners, we have compiled a Best Of Slim Phatty Presets pack, which includes 99 of our favorite Phatty presets.

You've probably heard by now that Moog are retiring the ultra awesome desktop Slim Phatty analog synthesizer. To mark this event they're. "I absolutely love the Diva Synthwave patches by Luftrum! He did an amazing job in creating inspiring patches for one of my favorite plugins. 5Pin Media proudly announces "Shades of Techno - Moog Little/Slim Phatty Soundbank", debuting their new series. Soundbank will be bringing musicians and.

Little Phatty by Bob Moog. I felt the factory presets were pretty good without being wildly impressive. There are some good. Posted in: Hardware Synthesizers|Tags: little phatty, Moog, program bass sounds , subtractive synthesis, synth patches, synthesizer patches, synthesizer.