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Xplanet clouds download

Xplanet clouds

A free daily cloud map (x pixels, created 12 Oct , GMT) is available at. Downloads. Left: A simulated Earth as seen from the MESSENGER spacecraft on August 2, using an infrared cloud map mosaic from that date. Right: an actual. I generate a daily global cloud map (created 12 Oct , GMT) using GOES, You can use these maps with Xplanet with the cloud_map option in the .

Hans Ecke has a number of useful scripts available at to update your maps with the latest cloud images, satellite orbits, weather. cloudmap=${xplanetdir}/ issfile=${xplanetdir}/satellites/iss. cloudsite= Python script to create cloud map for xplanet using satellite images from http:// - jmozmoz/cloudmap.

Naturally, since the "xplanet" site at sourceforge that provided the grayscale global cloud maps for Earth has unfortunately turned into yet. Please check the configuration files in /home/nemo/.config/xplanet for more options. Adding (realtime) cloud coverage is supported (see below).