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Oceanic pro plus 2 problems download

Oceanic pro plus 2 problems

So last May, while diving in Cozumel, my PP2 took a dive on it's own, ie: it quit working. I dutifully contacted Oceanic, got an RGA # and sent it in for repair. I thought, why wouldn't Oceanic pull the battery and cancel those dives off the computer before sending it to me?. RESET FEATURE. This dive computer is configured with a RESET feature that allows data to be cleared, including Nitrogen and Oxygen calculations, FO2 set. Firmware Update (Rev 1B) for Pro Plus 3 Dive Computer Firmware Update ( Rev 1C) for GEO 2 Wrist Watch Dive Computer from product owners who experienced similar problems with display of dive mode information.

Oceanic, the Oceanic logo, Pro Plus 2, the Pro Plus 2 logo, Smart Glo, The programs within the Pro Plus 2 simulate the absorption of nitrogen into the body by. Mac? PC? No Problem Storage, Unlimited **, Unlimited **, Unlimited **, 10 dives or 50 MB, 2 GB VEO , 1C (8/12/10), Details, Pro Plus , 3B (5/24/ 12). I dove my Oceanic for 3 dives last summer without any problems so I call Oceanic, they are offering an upgrade on the DataMax Pro Plus II at.

This is my OceanicĀ® Pro Plus 2 dive computer, which monitors air usage as well as This is good except for one problem: When you start running low on air at. Ronald Deutch bought two Oceanic Datamax Pro Plus computers in " This replacement computer lasted 1 or 2 dives before the display segments started. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Oceanic Pro Plus X Scuba Computer I have had problems with this computer during 1st dive vacation. . I upgraded from an Oceanic Pro Plus 2 and the Pro Plus X menus and buttons are . Oceanic battery Kit for the Pro Plus 2 Computer: Diving something similar or slightly bigger than a screw driver used to fix reading glasses.